Why Do I Continue to Feel Stuck in Life ~ Love and Livelihood?

This online course will help you identify your personal lie, discover your ultimate truth, and then recreate your authentic self from a higher state of being.

Let Dr. Harmony guide you across your "I am not worthy" abyss helping you transition from not feeling good enough to declaring: I AM Enough!

Your external reality is a direct reflection of how worthy you feel. Your mind, body, soul and heart desires to experience a life filled with love that can only be manifested through the power of self-love. 

Therefore if you desire a fulfilled life and the ultimate relationship, it begins with the relationship you have with yourself.

During this course you will practice key principles that are designed to help you release your past, raise your energetic vibration, and achieve crystal-clear clarity to reclaim your life into a higher state of being.  

Together we will reprogram the negative patterns within the subconscious memory of every cell in your body, mind, heart and soul. 

That leaves you free to experience all that you came here to be - do - have!

Let Me Teach You How to Fly!

'FREE Your Soul' Online Master Class

Elevate Your Love Vibration

  • Release Your Past!

    Step by step, Dr. Harmony will help you shift beyond abandonment by identifying your personal lie, so that you can find your ultimate truth! You will learn how to cancel your karmic contracts, cut energetic cords that are keeping you stuck, and practice forgiveness so that you can set your soul free!

  • Raise Your Vibration!

    As you release all that no longer serves a purpose in your life, it creates space to expand your conscious clarity, helping you to view everything about your life with new perception. Raising your energetic vibration allows you to align with your destiny.

  • Reclaim Your Life!

    Now that you are tuned into your highest vibration and living in the GLOW – the VORTEX of all possibilities – where you are in alignment with your greatest potential, Dr. Harmony will teach you how to manifest your heart's desires helping you experience a more fulfillment in your Life ~ Love ~ Livelihood!

Online Coaching Course Outline

  • 1

    Welcome to 'FREE Your Soul' Online Personal Mastery Classes

    • Welcome to this Online Master Your Freedom Class!

  • 2

    Module 1

    • Let's Identify Your Personal Lie

    • The Ultimate Truth Process

    • A Letter to Universal to Cancel Your Karmic Vows, Debts and Contracts

    • A Special Message From Dr. Harmony

  • 3

    Module 2

    • There is Power in Forgiveness!

    • 11 Steps to Forgiveness that Will Set Your Soul Free!

    • A Forgiveness Letter that Will Free Your Soul

  • 4

    Module 3

    • How do You Free the Monkey Mind?

    • Purge the Fear Pit

    • Shift From Head Logic to Heart Language

  • 5

    Module 4

    • Let's Expand Your Heart to Be Open to Receiving Your Blessings

    • I Choose to Be Open to Receive

    • It's time to take a break and check in!

  • 6

    Module 5

    • Learn how to Release and Let Go of Your Story

    • ReRight Your Story

  • 7

    Module 6

    • Your Journey towards Heart Harmony

    • Self Love Support System

  • 8

    Module 7

    • Letting Go of Abandonment and Clearing the Karma between You and Your Beloved

    • The River of Love Ceremony

    • Wailua Twin Falls Cascading into the River of Love in Kauai, HI

  • 9

    Module 8

    • Let's Plug the Leaks

    • Strategically Plan Actions to Release What No Longer Serves You Purpose

    • Strategically Position Your Inner Music

    • Strategically Plan Your Purpose

    • Let's Check In!

  • 10

    Module 9

    • You are Worthy of Manifesting Your Destiny

    • Identify Your Souls Song

    • Heal and Strengthen Your Voice ~ It will Unlock Your Truth

  • 11

    Module 10

    • Finding Balance in the Middle of the Storm

    • Tips to Acheiving Harmonic Balance

    • Conscious Breathing Techniques

  • 12

    Module 11

    • Manifesting Love or Above

    • Living and Loving From Your Heart

  • 13

    Module 12

    • How do You Get Out of Your Own Way?

    • Write a Freedom Creed that will Set Your Soul Free

    • How Do You GLOW Forward on Fire?!

  • 14

    The Freedom Celebration

    • Time to Spread Your Wings and Fly!

    • Freedom Celebration Decree & Butterfly Release

    • The Freedom Celebration

  • 15

    You Are Ready to Fly!

    • Thank You – My Gift to You!

    • Other Ways to Fly Forward with Me!

    • Let's Get 'Soul'-cial

    • Please Take a Minute to Fill Out this Brief Survey

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Facilitated by:

Personal Mastery Transformational Coach | Intuitive Energy Healer | Spiritual Mentor


Dr. Harmony

Dr. Harmony has been a spiritual advisor for the last twenty years, helping people remove the energetic blocks in their life paths. She is an ascension teacher and twin flame expert and has a background in holistic wellness that includes chiropractic and vibrational medicine as well as intuitive energy healing. It is her mission to share her wisdom and aid others in discovering their soul's purpose as they transition from the "dark night of the soul" through the Ascension process connecting to one's higher self.


“The progress just keeps unfolding, it is so WOW! Dr. Harmony has the most amazing energy. She is radiant and a breath of fresh air. She has helped me work through layer by layer. Uncovering emotional blockage using various techniques. This has then led us onto so much and it all keeps falling into place. I am just AMAZED. Connecting with her was meant to be. She has confirmed my twin-flame journey and her ‘ReBoot Your Twin Soul Blueprint’ has helped me understand the process and connect to my soul’s purpose.”
- Heather S. (Wales, UK)
"I was Divinely guided to connect with Dr. Harmony & recently started her ‘ReBoot Your Twin Soul Blueprint.’ My awakening and awareness of my soul's journey and purpose is just beginning. Dr. Harmony is an amazing guide and teacher of this process which includes prayer and meditation to clear and expand my energies. Truly an amazing experience."
- Kelly G. (Creve Coeur, Missouri)
“Dr. Harmony is an amazing healer!! With her energy work and chakra aligning she was able to help me find peace and clarity during a difficult transition in my life. She helped me understand why I was having anxiety about certain things and people in my life and gave me the tools to find personal peace. I gained the confidence to declutter my life and allow better flow of my energy. I highly recommend Dr. Harmony to help you live your best life and become your most authentic self. She has a true gift!!”
-Tori S. (Lansing, Michigan)

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