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Our mission is to create a self-LOVE rEVOLution - that will Set Your Heart on Fire!

We offer a variety of heart-centered online courses that will provide tips, tools and techniques that will help you heal your shattered heart, which is necessary for expanded illumination. Here you will find a variety of courses, each facilitated by one of our conscious-minded team members whom are on the same mission to magnify higher states of awareness collectively helping to elevate the love vibration of our planet. Ultimately, it is our goal to teach you how to find yourself through the art of practicing more self-love, and then recreate yourself from this higher-heart frequency. It is our hope that this collective movement will ignite passion within your heart, so that you can express yourself by speaking the new earth heart language that will set you free so you can let love live in all areas of your life!

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If you are ready to free your soul and ignite passion within your heart that will illuminate in all areas of your life, then you have your found way home. Get plugged in today and let one of our facilitators teach you how to “Elevate Your Love Vibration” helping you live fearless – live loved – live free!

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  • Align with Your Purpose

  • Attract Your Beloved

'ReBoot Your Soul' Facilitated by Dr. Harmony

Personal Mastery Transformational Coach | Intuitive Energy Healer | Spiritual Mentor

Creator Dr. Harmony

Dr. Harmony has been a spiritual advisor for the last twenty years, helping people remove the energetic blocks in their life paths. She is an ascension teacher and twin flame expert and has a background in holistic wellness that includes chiropractic and vibrational medicine as well as intuitive energy healing. It is her mission to share her wisdom and aid others in discovering their soul's purpose as they transition from the "dark night of the soul" through the Ascension process connecting to one's higher self.

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