Why do I Continue to Repeat Relationship Patterns?

This course will help you discover why you chose your parents, re-right your birthing process, identify and heal your childhood wounds, forgive others and yourself, reprogram subconscious programming, re-pattern your relationships, so that you can attract empowering partners and experience loving relationships.

Just like the soap opera, “As the World Turns”, we have all experienced some form of relationship drama. This is caused by continuous programs that are related to the wounds of our childhood that continually play out false stories that will keep you from experiencing passion in every area of your life.

While it is true that you chose your parents to learn your major life lessons and balance your past karma, don’t let the projection and belief systems of others rob you of your light – You Were Born to GLOW!

This course will help you identify and reprogram subconscious blocks so that you can align with your personal truth and experience loving relationships.

Come let me teach you how to heal your childhood wounds so that you can illuminate the brightest version of you and attract people that empower YOU!

Are You Ready to Let Down Your Guard and Open-Up to Loving Relationships!

'Re-Program Your Childhood Wounds' Online Course

Attract People that Empower YOU and Embrace Loving Relationships!

  • Re-Right Your Birthing Process!

    Step by step, Dr. Harmony will help you discover why you chose your parents, what lessons you chose to learn from them and how to bring balance to your karmic agreements! Learn how these lessons relate to your current thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions.

  • Re-Program Subconscious Patterns!

    Identify childhood conditioning that continues to create repetitious patterns related to your current situations and relationships. Discover how your current wounds link to your birth, parents and childhood programming. Heal these wounds and re-pattern your relationships.

  • Attract Loving Relationships!

    Elevating your love vibration and implementing new patterns of action allows you to experience loving relationships. Getting clear on what your heart desires activates passion that will attract the experiences and partners whom offer more fulfillment in your Life!

Online Coaching Course Outline

Includes: Online Coaching, Guidance, and Interactive Exercises. NOTE: Bonus Module 6 Will Be Added Soon! - Get Started Today with Discounted Pricing!!!

  • 1

    Welcome to 'Re-Program Your Childhood Wounds' Online Course

  • 4

    Module 2 - Identify and Trace Your Childhood Wounds

    • Welcome to Module Two - Overview and Objective

    • Let's Identify Your Childhood Wounds

    • Review of Your Developmental Stages - The Survival Stage

    • Review of Your Developmental Stages - The Self-Governing Stage

    • Review of Your Developmental Stages - The Imprint Stage

    • Review of Your Developmental Stages - The Modeling Stage

    • Review of Your Developmental Stages - The Identity Stage

    • Review Your Developmental Childhood Stages

    • My Developmental Childhood Stages Exercise Example.docx

    • Let's Review and Bring It Full Circle

  • 5

    Module 3 - Re-Pattern Your Relationships ~ Stop attracting partners that are mirroring your childhood wounds!

    • Welcome to Module Three - Overview and Objective

    • Re-Pattern Your Relationships Exercise Review

    • My Re-Program Your Relationships Example

    • Identify Your Common Patterns

    • What Are Your 5 Biggest Take-A-Ways?

    • The Power of Forgiveness

  • 6

    Module 4 - Re-program and Heal Your Childhood Conditioning

    • 4 Key Things to Practice While Re-Programming Your Patterns

    • Ready to Re-program Your Childhood Conditioning?

    • Identify Your #1 Repetitive Pattern

    • Gain an Understanding of Mind Mapping

    • Retrain Your Monkey Mind

    • Re-Frame Your Thoughts with Affirmations

    • Practice My 5 C's For Better Connections and Effective Communication Skills

    • Cognitive Correction Technique

    • Creative Avoidance Technique

    • Conflict Management Technique

    • Challenging Conversations Technique

    • Cultivate Gratitude Technique

    • Use Cross Pattern Thoughts and Actions

    • Temporal Tapping Technique

  • 7

    BONUS - The Re-Invention of YOU!

    • Welcome to The Reinvention of the New You!

    • The Rebirth of Your New Identity

    • Who Are You Becoming?

    • 5 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

    • 5 Areas of Focus that will Transform the New You!

    • Expand Your Mindset

    • Expand Your Vision

    • Expand Your Heart

    • Expand Your Identity - Part One

    • Expand Your Identity - Part Two

    • Expand Your Life

  • 8

    You Are Ready to Experience Loving Relationships!

    • Thank You – My Gift to You!

    • Other Ways to GLOW Forward with Me!

    • Let's Get 'Soul'-cial

    • Please Take a Minute to Fill Out this Brief Survey

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Radiant Reviews

Reprogram your childhood wounds

Patricia Mason

This was a great course. Dr. Harmony helped me to reprogram my thinking and move forward. Thank you so much.

This was a great course. Dr. Harmony helped me to reprogram my thinking and move forward. Thank you so much.

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Amy Egan

This course was an amazing introspection. As a therapist I'm use to focusing on my clients needs and wounds. It was refreshing and necessary to have a chance...

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This course was an amazing introspection. As a therapist I'm use to focusing on my clients needs and wounds. It was refreshing and necessary to have a chance to focus on my own wounds and desires. Thank you so much!

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Facilitated by:

Personal Mastery Transformational Coach | Intuitive Energy Healer | Spiritual Mentor


Dr. Harmony

Dr. Harmony has been a spiritual advisor for the last twenty years, helping people remove the energetic blocks in their life paths. She is an ascension teacher and twin flame expert and has a background in holistic wellness that includes chiropractic and vibrational medicine as well as intuitive energy healing. It is her mission to share her wisdom and aid others in discovering their soul's purpose as they transition from the "dark night of the soul" through the Ascension process connecting to one's higher self.


“The progress just keeps unfolding, it is so WOW! Dr. Harmony has the most amazing energy. She is radiant and a breath of fresh air. She has helped me work through layer by layer. Uncovering emotional blockage using various techniques. This has then led us onto so much and it all keeps falling into place. I am just AMAZED. Connecting with her was meant to be. She has confirmed my twin-flame journey and her ‘ReBoot Your Twin Soul Blueprint’ has helped me understand the process and connect to my soul’s purpose.”
- Heather S. (Wales, UK)
"I was Divinely guided to connect with Dr. Harmony & recently started her ‘ReBoot Your Twin Soul Blueprint.’ My awakening and awareness of my soul's journey and purpose is just beginning. Dr. Harmony is an amazing guide and teacher of this process which includes prayer and meditation to clear and expand my energies. Truly an amazing experience."
- Kelly G. (Creve Coeur, Missouri)
“Dr. Harmony is an amazing healer!! With her energy work and chakra aligning she was able to help me find peace and clarity during a difficult transition in my life. She helped me understand why I was having anxiety about certain things and people in my life and gave me the tools to find personal peace. I gained the confidence to declutter my life and allow better flow of my energy. I highly recommend Dr. Harmony to help you live your best life and become your most authentic self. She has a true gift!!”
-Tori S. (Lansing, Michigan)

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